In Today’s knowledge economy, it is important that innovation is encouraged amongst our youth especially at school level to cultivate the spirit of solving problems.  Technology has become the forefront in finding solutions in any industry; either in engineering, medicine, education, financial services and so forth. Gone are the days where technology is at the periphery of decision making. Leaders all over the world are now embracing technology and one cannot do much progress without understanding the fundamentals of it.  Its power enables one to be empowered irrespective of geographical location and financial means for training and education.

Technology helps humanity to solve pressing challenges; In South Africa and Africa there are many challenges that are being experienced. They range from HIV/AIDS, poverty, corruption, teenage pregnancy, below par education system and other challenges. If technology is given to the people who experience such challenges on a daily basis, it can bring about change.  Africa is one continent that has a large population of young people and as such it is of major benefit as most of them are high consumers of new technology, mostly from other countries. A smartphone given to a young person in a rural area allows him/her to find vast amount of information at their finger tips regardless of where they are,  information that was only accessed by well off individuals.

A professor from Harvard Business School once said ‘Entrepreneurship is the art of pursuing opportunities irrespective of resources controlled’ and also entrepreneurs create value out of nothing or limited resources. Without entrepreneurs, any economy is barren. So there is a need for having high-impact entrepreneurs in South Africa and Africa at large. Since technology is a powerful tool to solve major challenges faced, there is a need to have entrepreneurs who will use technology to solve problems in many industries and in our communities. Such entrepreneurs are Technology Entrepreneurs (Afritechneurs). They are high-impact entrepreneurs because their start-ups end up employing hundreds and thousands of people solving major socio-economic challenges.

South Africa and Africa need high impact entrepreneurs. This organisation will work on making this gigantic vision of creating a movement of young innovators that will start companies from Africa solving African problems a reality. Most entrepreneurship programmes do not focus on the type of entrepreneurship that is needed in the technological space. This is the gap we are aiming to fill.